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This is what our current students say about us:

I found Al to be a very patient and informative instructor and even though I asked some daft questions I found Al would always explain and ensure understanding, without leaving me feeling foolish. I passed my test first time in March 2006 and have recommended him to all my friends and work colleagues. If you are looking for an instructor who is worth his weight in gold, this is the man to see. Lu Cook

well done to beca on passing your test 1st time,remember what ive taught you and keep it safe on the road with your mini!  Al


Al is a very patient driving instructer. he is really chilled out and when u make mistakes he will stay calm and explain what u did wrong and make a joke of small mistakes so u dont feel stupid! he notices everything u do well and comments on the good as well as the bad, which has helped me become a more confident driver. his lessons are probably the cheapest in plymouth but are worth twice as much. i would recommend Wager driving school to anyone who is looking to start driving. hes the best around.  Tara




I am so glad that I had my driving lessons with Al, he made me feel comfortable and confident about my driving ability, I passed my test the 1st time. I have recommended Al to everyone I know.  Terri Catterall


Al is a really great driving instructor if he can put up with me he must be!!! he is really chilled out he never shouts or anything if u get something wrong! the lessons are really reasonably priced... u will not get much cheaper in Plymouth!!! he is cool and makes u feel really confident when your driving!!!  Beca


I was so nervous starting my driving lessons but having an instructor as cool as Al really made me relax and be more confident behind the wheel and helped me pass my driving test FIRST TIME!!! Having a patient and understanding driving instructor like Al really helps and he never shouts when you mess up. Plus hes always on hand with the polos for that extra sugar boost to help the concentration!! Dont know what i will do thursdays after work now Al!! thanks for being a great instructor!! Emma


Al is a great tutor and taught me everythin I know (apart from a few bad habits I have since picked up along the way, but we will not talk about that and al need not know lol) he is so down to earth and managed to get me passed first time now that says it all. Had a few different instructors b4 him so believe me when I say you will not find a better instructor. Thanks for everything Al!  an old student lizzie lonsdale


Al is a great instructor! You get more than your moneys worth and its not even a lot of money in the first place. He was really relaxed if you made a mistake and was really helpful in explaining what you did wrong. Thanks to Al i passed first time in November 2010 after only 20 hours! Great teacher and thanks for the Polos.   Josh Hughes


He is a great teacher and makes you feel relaxed even if you make a mistake even though I'm still learning to drive I would recommend him.  kerry down


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